Top 06 Best Travel Trailer (Bunkhouse) Under 25 Feet

Almost all want to take a mini-vacation with their love or a few pals in a little travel trailer. This will be the page for you if you're looking to buy the best travel trailer under 25 feet. We'll now go into some of the top trailer-buying alternatives available.

Each trailer has its unique features and benefits. When looking for the best travel trailer under 25 feet for your next camping trip, consider your trailer's features, size, and weight. The best travel trailer offers a comfortable, safe, and comfortable experience for those looking to explore the great outdoors. 

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Best Travel Trailer Under 25 Feet

The Best Travel Trailer under 25 – Our Recommendations

Over the years, many different companies have manufactured a wide range of different travel trailers that are the best travel trailer under 25 feet. While many top brands offer similar features and amenities, it is essential to do your research and find the right fit for your needs and preferences. Here are some of the different trailer types available so that you can find the right one for you.

Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer from Forest River

This should be the best travel trailer under 25 feet since that offers all of the comforts and facilities, you'd expect from the best travel trailer under 25 feet. Ignoring the fact that it is a small trailer, it has a very compact and space-saving design. Because of the aluminum structure with a curved roof, it has a longer lifespan. Its roof, flooring, and sides are all covered in a vinyl composite substance sheet with a full aluminum frame.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 185RB

Another best travel trailer under 25 feet would be the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 185RB. It's a 20-foot travel trailer with a 3500-pound weight capacity and various internal amenities. By this trailer, the maximum towing capability is 740 pounds. This trailer's dry weight could vary from roughly 2760 pounds.

Jayco Jay Feather 7 19BH

This trailer will be ideal if you've been searching for a trailer that's easy to haul. Below 25 feet, it's a perfect travel trailer to pick. Thanks to the front appearance arrangement, it has the best qualification and is easy to tow. The trailer is finished to a decent quality, enhancing customer satisfaction for many people.

Lance Trailer 1475

This Lance 1475 is a compact camper designed for customers who want to pull automobiles in comfort. Here on the list, the Lance 1475 is a light camper with 19 feet 8 inches. Considering the size and mass, it can indeed be hauled by a regular SUV. It's excellent environmentally for safe travel because it's made with toxin-free materials. 

This company creates trouble-free travel trailers that become inherently friendly. This firm makes ecologically safe, toxin-free camper vans. One may also be aware of the quality as it is a well-known manufacturer.

Airstream Bambi 16RB

This will be simple to tow due to its modest weight. The Airstream travel trailer might be an excellent alternative for searching for a large interior, such as the Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite travel trailer. Airstream is a well-known name in the RV industry for its dependability and luxury.

Livin’ Lite Camplite CL16BHB

This will be the next best travel trailer under 25 feet, just 20 feet in length. It makes it easy to maneuver this trailer in tight locations. Because of its size, this version is quite open and comfortable. It offers convenient vinyl flooring.

The best travel trailer under 25 feet to recommend are the ones that are light enough to carry your camping gear but big enough to sleep in comfortably. The best travel trailer under 25 feet for you is the one that is right for your needs, but the trailer you choose may not suit the needs of everyone else. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a large market for travel trailers under 25 feet long?

To begin with, not everyone has access to a strong pickup truck vehicle suitable for hauling a large travel trailer! Travel trailers in shorter lengths are easy to tow with a typical SUV, and you don't need to use a larger pickup truck.

A travel trailer of this size is good as there isn't anything to think over. These small trailers are advantageous for two purposes: lightweight and compact. In addition, given their small weight, they provide ample working area. Furthermore, today's families are smaller. Such trailers may be stored in a small parking place or a garage. 

One will save money by not having to store a travel trailer inside a parking area and paying its ticket. And they are smaller than larger ones; these are more environmentally friendly and take less energy to move. Such trailers are light in weight, indicating they are fuel-efficient and can accommodate many people. Many people like tiny trailers of such a size for all these purposes!

Which travel trailer is by far the most reliable?

Forest River RV had long been regarded as being one of the best travel trailer names in the market. It uses a solid reputation among the industry's most dependable and long-lasting producers!

Is one Jayco travel trailer a wise choice?

Jayco is legendary for exceptional quality, having won 77 Dealer Satisfaction Index honors and been the Country's best travel trailer for 14 years.


We've spoken about certain best travel trailers under 25 feet long during this guide. A travel trailer with a length of fewer than 25 feet offers all of the features of a big RV. It usually relates to a trailer with the same facilities and comforts as a regular camper but accommodates fewer people. When you acquire a travel trailer, inquire about new designs that are becoming available very soon. 

Those are the best travel trailer under 25 feet for camping. The above list of the best travel trailers under 25 feet can assist you in finding the best trailers suit your needs. Get the best travel trailer under 25 feet for you, and get on the highway soon!

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