Best Quiet Generators (2022) for Camping in Peace

Do you know what are the best quiet generators (2022) for camping in peace? RV generators that make a lot of noise can quickly make a peaceful place in nature sound like a noisy construction site. Get one of these quiet generators for your RV and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Some of these quiet RV generators are small, light, and great for powering your lights, devices, and small appliances. Others are a little bit bigger and can power an RV or travel trailer about the size of a small house, including air conditioners and refrigerators. Some of these RV generators even make no noise at all.

Best Quiet Generators for Camping

Top 6 Best Quiet Generator For RV Camping

Let’s get right to the list of RV generators that are the quietest. These quiet generators are not ranked from best to worst, quietest to loudest, or nicest to ugliest. 

The best RV generator for you and your camping needs will depend on what you want to power, how much money you have, and even how quiet you want it to be.

1. The Honda Inverter Generator EU2200i 

The 663520 EU2200i runs on gas and is one of the market’s best Honda RV inverter generators. This highly rated, quiet RV generator weighs less than 47 pounds, which makes it easy to move from one place to another. Honda’s CO-Minder technology checks for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and turns off the generator if they are found. 

So that the fuel doesn’t go wrong, a fuel shutoff valve lets the engine keep running until most of the power is gone. The generator can be used with Honda’s smartphone app, which allows you to control and check on it from a distance. “Excellent product,” wrote one of the many happy reviewers. I use it in my RV and when there’s no power. 

2. Generac Inverter Generator GP3000i

This portable gas RV generator by Generac has over 2,000 ratings and is one of the most popular options. It is also Amazon’s choice for the best Generac generator for outdoor use. Its quiet inverter power cuts down on noise and gives it high performance, and its PowerRush technology gives it 50% more starting strength. 

The generator is small, light, and easy to carry because it has a handle built right into it. It is ready for use in an RV because it has two 120V outlets and USB ports. “There is nothing I don’t like,” wrote a happy customer. 

It works better than expected, turns on immediately, is quiet, and is easy to carry. It runs my RV and air conditioner just fine.”

Noise level: up to 58 dBA

Watts at the start: 3,000

Running watts: 2,300 watts

1.06 gallons can fit in the tank.

3. The Champion 3400-Watt Inverter Generator

This dual-fuel RV inverter generator from Champion has more than a thousand good reviews about how quiet it is at 59 dBA and how well it works. This machine has an easy-to-use electric start switch and is an excellent choice if you want an RV propane generator because it can run on gasoline for up to 7.5 hours or on propane for up to 14.5 hours. 

Not only is it a 30 Amp RV generator, but it also has two 20 Amp outlets. Many happy customers said, “The best thing about this generator is that it’s so quiet. 

Noise level: from 59 dBA

Watts at the start: 3,400

Running watts: 3,100 watts

1.6 gallons can fit in the tank.

4. The Champion 4500-Watt Inverter Generator - A remote start.

quiet small portable generator

This is one of the quiet small portable generator for camping. And also, a wireless remote key fob is a great feature that lets you turn on your generator without leaving your RV. This is especially helpful on cold mornings or rainy days when you don’t want to get out of bed. Champion’s portable gas RV generator runs quietly at 61 dBA, and you can start and stop it from up to 80 feet away with the push of a button. The generator has a 30-amp RV outlet and two 20-amp household outlets. 

5. The WEN Inverter Generator 56235i

A quiet portable RV generator can be expensive, which is incredibly inconvenient if you only need one sometimes. The WEN 56235i gas RV generator is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a tried-and-true, low-cost option. Many Amazon reviewers say that this generator is pretty quiet, works well, and costs a small fraction of what some others do. It is small and easy to carry. It has two 120-volt outlets and a fuel shutoff switch that lets the generator run until the fuel runs out.

Noise level: from 51 dBA

Starting watts: 2,350 watts

Running watts: 1,900 watts

One gallon can fit in the tank.

6. The Westinghouse Inverter Generator iGen4500

You might concern that a heavy-duty RV generator wouldn’t be quiet enough to make this list. However, the Westinghouse iGen4500 is a powerful generator that gets good reviews for how soft it is compared to other similar units. It has a TT-30R RV outlet, two 120V outlets, and a 3.4-gallon fuel tank that lets it run for up to 18 hours on gas, making it one of the best generators for RV air conditioners. 

It also has a key fob with a remote start and an electric push-button start. Even though it is heavier, its telescoping handle and wheels make it easy to move.

FAQs About Quiet Generator For RV Camping

What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a generator?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a generator is the wattage rating. This will determine how much power the generator can provide.

What is the quietest RV generator?

The quietest RV generators are those that use an inverter system. This type of generator is up to 50% quieter than traditional generators.

How long will a quiet RV generator run on a full tank of gas?

Most quiet RV generators can run for several hours on a full tank of gas. The exact runtime will vary depending on the size of the generator and the load being placed on it.

Is a quiet RV generator worth the investment?

If you enjoy camping in peace and quiet, then a quiet RV generator is definitely worth the investment. These generators cost more than traditional generators, but they are much quieter and can make your camping experience more enjoyable.

How big should a quiet RV generator be?

The size of the generator you need will depend on how many appliances and electronics you want to power. A good rule of thumb is to choose a generator that is rated for at least double the wattage of the devices you want to run. For example, if you want to run a TV and a laptop, you would need a generator that is rated for at least 1000 watts.

Is it OK to run RV generator all night?

Yes, it is generally safe to run an RV generator all night. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the generator is properly ventilated to avoid carbon monoxide buildup. Second, keep an eye on the fuel level and refuel as needed to avoid running out of gas. Finally, if possible, try to run the generator during the daytime when there is less chance of disturbing your neighbors with noise.


Depending on how much power the RV needs, how big it is, and how comfortable it needs to be, there are different features and specs to consider carefully when choosing a generator. When it comes to noise, a quiet generator will let you spend time near the car and make the nights much softer. It’s also the kindest thing to do for your neighbors and the natural environment. When it comes to power, many online resources can help you figure out how many watts you need to run things like an air conditioner or a microwave, especially if you need to run more than one of these things simultaneously well as electronics.

Now you may have an idea about what is the best quiet generator for RV camping. When figuring out how long a generator will run, it is also essential to consider the fuel type and tank size. Most RV generators have parallel plugs that let them run with another unit. This is a good choice if you would rather have a smaller, quieter, and more portable unit with 2,000–3,000 watts than a more significant and heavier RV generator. Also, it’s helpful features, like an electric start that you can turn on with the push of a button or a remote start that you can turn on with a key fob or a particular app. This is great to have on a rainy day or in the middle of the night.

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