Keystone RV: First Look At 2021 Models

What do you know about Keystone RV: first look at 2021 models. 

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was extremely disruptive. The pandemic drove RV manufacturers to deviate from the norm, which may be a silver lining. 

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Keystone RV

Manufacturers like Keystone RV were forced to react due to supply chain interruptions and a flood of first-time purchasers looking for safe, cheap holiday alternatives.

As a result, a crop of fresh goods emerges that may be the most inventive in recent memory. Let's examine some of Keystone RV's 2021 offerings, starting with its main brand, Montana.

280/281CK Montana High Country

Some manufacturers have opted to construct bigger after the RV Industries Association's 430-square-foot rule was eliminated. However, the new 280/281 CK from Montana High Country is moving the other way. When RVIA lifted the maximum square footage restriction for fifth wheels, the temptation was to go bigger. 

However, according to Sam Lengerich, product manager for Montana, our sales statistics suggested otherwise. "Most customers are mobile and move around while traveling rather than spending weeks at one location. They pressure us to travel in smaller fifth wheels, such as the Montana High Country 280/281CK.

By the way, the floor plan's odd-even number designation—280/280CK, for instance—indicates whether an RV refrigerator or a domestic refrigerator is supplied. 

Both are thought to be in demand, according to Keystone. In this illustration, the 280CK is an RV refrigerator, whereas the 281CK is a refrigerator for a home.

While Montana High Country has successfully presented smaller floorplans in recent years, the new 280/281CK is the shortest by 24-inches at 32 feet in length.

Typically, when designing a shorter unit, you have to give up kitchen counter space and wind up with the television on the back wall with poor viewing. 

The High Country team accomplished this by removing the dinette and replacing it with a U-shaped kitchen that had an enlarged countertop and bar stools. For the best TV viewing, they also designed an L-shaped seating group with a chaise couch that is placed across from the entertainment center. 

As you may have observed, our High Country model does not work, unlike some RV floorplans where the TV sitting is at a sharp angle.

To make the interior feel larger, Keystone RV also designed windows that are bigger and placed to let in more natural light. Interior decoration in Montana High Country is largely unchanged from 2020. According to Lengerich.

The accent color was adjusted to what he calls Urban Charcoal while maintaining the whitewashed Louisville Ash color scheme.

The axles and springs will undergo one not-so-obvious alteration in the High Country for 2021. Lengerich refers to the heavier-duty components that Montana and Dexter developed as "beefier," even though the GVWR remains the same at 7000 pounds per axle.

A 265-Watt solar panel and a 2000-Watt inverter are part of the optional Solar Flex System for the 2021 High Country. The 280/281CK layout comes with two patio awnings that cover 27 linear feet for better outside living right out of the factory.

Cougar by Keystone RV

The Keystone motorhome The most popular brands of Keystone fifth wheels and travel trailers are Cougar and Cougar Half-Ton, which have been for a long time. Therefore, it is automatically big news anytime Cougar significantly modifies the brand. The brand-new interiors are the BIG NEWS for 2021 models.

According to Cougar Product Manager Scott Taylor, the usual browns and darker colors have been replaced with a brighter interior that features a new fascia, flooring, ceiling, and cabinetry. 

With darker "Modern Driftwood" cabinetry in the living area, the new Cougar design incorporates a vintage-white paint color called Matte Luxe. The Cougar team states that customer response to the early-released shipments has been overwhelmingly good.

Eight new floorplans, including the Cougar 345UMR fifth wheel, have also been high on Cougar's list of what's new for 2021, in addition to the interior change.

According to the Cougar team, it is specifically made for campers who enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and hunting and those who own pets. In the back of a 38-foot fifth wheel, the 345UMR adds the versatility of a full-sized utility/mud room.

Outback by Keystone RV

For Keystone RV: first look at 2021 models (two of which are bunkhouse versions), two bigger floorplans, and a newly updated interior and exterior design.

A 12-volt, the 12-cubic-foot refrigerator is provided as standard in the kitchen by Outback, with an 8-foot RV refrigerator available as an option. Because it uses a compressor-based technology rather than an absorption-based refrigeration system, 

Outback believes the 12-volt refrigerator, new to the line for 2021, will be quite popular. Additionally, a 12-cubic foot refrigerator can be installed in the same space as an 8-cubic foot RV refrigerator because the mechanical footprint is less. The biggest announcement may be related to Outback 324CG, one of these new larger floorplans created with people with physical limitations in mind.

Collaboration with adventure and disability activists Riley Poor and Andrea Peruzzi led to the creation of the Outback 342CG. A freak incident caused Mr. Poor, a passionate Freeskier (think Winter X Games) and gifted filmmaker, to develop paraplegia in 2009. He learned that traveling as a person with quadriplegia is very challenging, expensive, frequently risky, and unpredictable.

One of their tried-and-true floorplans served as the foundation for the revamp by the Outback team. A 56-inch wide ramp door part of the original floorplan serves as a natural point of entry and exit for campers who use wheelchairs.

RV Toy Haulers Keystone

While smaller, "entry-level" style trailers initially profited the most from the inflow of new RVers, other market categories have also seen a rush, notably Keystone's Fuzion and Raptor toy hauler brands.

Fuzion: Fuzion introduces two new floorplan models, a completely revamped interior design, and various floorplan improvements for 2021.

Interior modifications: Fuzion has installed shaker-style cabinet doors and transitioned to warmer grey tones that show the wood grain of the cabinets. The flat, primer-grey tint of the previous year is gone, according to Product Manager Nick Ebenroth. Instead, the new, lighter design is offset with dark wood floors, deep brown trim, and a shiplap headboard.

Additionally, all 2021 Fuzion floorplans will have an east-west bed instead of a north-south bed. The 430 is the first floorplan in the Fuzion stable to feature two full bathrooms after the brand extended it to turn the half-bath in the living area into a full bath.

Fuzion is currently introducing two new floorplans along with the modifications above. The first one is the 379, a double-axle, 34-ton fifth towable wheel with a full-length 11-foot garage, cross-conversational seating, a half-bath in the main living area, an outside kitchen, and two patio awnings.

Carbon: With the help of its brand-new 338 fifth-wheel, Carbon, another toy hauler from Keystone, intends to disrupt the industry.

According to Carbon Product Manager Colin Clark, the 40-foot and larger models had previously dominated the toy hauler market. According to interactions with campers, Clark believes there is a need for fifth-wheel toy haulers that are acceptable in state and national parks. 

By that, Clark means toy haulers under 35 feet in length to adhere to park size regulations, and that are also more maneuverable in confined boondocking spaces.


Now you may know about Keystone RV: first, look at 2021 models. The top manufacturer of recreational vehicles in North America is Keystone RV. From fifth wheels and travel trailers to extremely light models, they provide towable RVs in all shapes and sizes. Keystone can produce an incredibly high number of RVs because they are North America's largest RV manufacturer. Many of the most well-known brands on today's roadways are produced by Keystone.

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