Most Expensive Fifth Wheels 2022

The newest luxury fifth wheel boasts more luxurious interior details than ever before. Upgraded bathrooms, kitchens, solar accessories, and all kinds of features that the seasoned or new RVer will appreciate. Fifth-wheel RVs are popular with travelers who want it all because they have more space, more amenities, and are easier to move than other towables.

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Fifth Wheel RVs are extremely popular for full-time RVers and those who take longer trips. Larger and fuller than travel trailers and toy haulers, these RVs get their name from the U-shaped hitch that mounts to the truck bed. A matching pin on the front of the trailer locks it in place while allowing it to rotate.

Most Expensive Fifth Wheels 2022

01. Grand Design Solitude

02. Jayco North Point

03. Keystone Montana

04. Redwood

05. Forest River Cardinal Luxury

Most Expensive Fifth Wheels 2022

01. Grand Design Solitude

1.1 Key features 

RVInsider Score: 4.1 out of 5.0

Dry Weight: 12,100 lbs.

Sleep: 4-6

Specialties: Spacious, well-equipped kitchen

Starting price: $106,493.

The high-quality Solitude line is built for full-time RVing. Each floor plan offers ample sleeping space, with a queen bed in all floor plans and bunk beds in several. And also, grand Design equips these motorhomes with superior furniture, appliances, and cabinetry than most in the class.

However, it's the kitchen that makes these turntable trailers stand out. Each floor plan has a spacious cooking zone, and many have a center island, a popular feature in any kitchen. Features like a deep farmhouse sink and tile floors are excellent examples of the high-quality features that set Grand Design Solitude apart from the competition.

02. Jayco North Point

2.1 Key features

RVInsider Score: 3.7 out of 5.0

Dry Weight: 12,285 lbs.

Sleep: 5-10

Specialties: Robust Design and construction

Starting price: $105,150

Regarding recreational vehicles (RVs), the Jayco North Point is equipped with several features that are of interest. A feeling of elegance and quality permeates the whole vehicle thanks to important elements like Shaw vinyl flooring, stone and tile in the bathroom, and other such features.

The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the things that jumps out to the inspection team. The 40,000 BTU heater produces more heat than is necessary for comfortable camping in cold weather. The Whisper Quiet air conditioning system the firm produces keeps the inside of the car cool without producing excessive noise, which may make sleeping during the summer difficult.

However, the general build quality of the Jayco North Point is the primary factor contributing to its high ranking on our list of the top fifth-wheel RVs. The aluminum-framed, vacuum-bonded, laminated, gel-coated fiberglass outer walls of the North Point Stronghold VBL are built to withstand just about everything the road can throw at them. 

Jayco claims its RV Magnum Truss XL6 roof system is the industry's strongest roof for recreational vehicles. This indicates that you may anticipate the North Point to resist a lot of usages and a significant amount of mileage.

03. Keystone Montana

3.1 Key features

RVInsider Score: 3.6 out of 5.0

Dry Weight: 12,387 lbs.

Sleep: 4-8

Specialties: Furniture like home

Asking price: $122,318

This is one of the most well-liked 5th wheel trailers in the RV business, having sold more than 100,000 units globally. Consequently, a sizable community of owners engages in lively online forums to exchange queries, advice, and general information about the models just that alone, merits are taken into account as a possibility.

This starts with the sleeping and sitting areas. Each model is equipped with a queen-size bed and one or two trundle beds, depending on the model. Each model offers luxurious armchairs like those found in high-end cinemas for entertaining seating in the living room.

It also has some extremely useful features that make a living in a full-time RV much more comfortable. Each is equipped with a large fridge and oven as standard, and you will also find connections for a washing machine and dryer.

04. Redwood

4.1 Key features

RVInsider Score: 3.8 out of 5.0

Dry Weight: 13,583 lbs.

Sleep: 4-6

Specialties: Thoughtful design and premium furniture

Starting price: $135,950

Redwood only produces one brand of RVs, allowing it to concentrate its attention and resources on perfecting its fifth-wheel trailer. However, this does not imply that RV purchasers are without options regarding these luxurious five. Redwood's 22-floor designs provide RVers with several alternatives.

This recreational vehicle should be top of the list for full-time travelers who value spaciousness and pleasant furnishings. Redwood has a main bedroom with a king-size bed and enough storage space, ideal for parents seeking privacy when necessary. Multiple pull-outs provide enough sleeping room for the remainder of the family.

A kitchen island with sofas and a media center makes a natural meeting spot. A caravan buffet complements the dinette, a feature that should be more frequent in these vans. This gives an area for serving meals while maintaining a clean table. These thoughtful additions make the Redwood comfortable and earn it a spot on our list of the top fifth-wheel RVs.

05. Forest River Cardinal Luxury

5.1 Key features

RVInsider Score: 2.9 out of 5.0 stars

Dry Weight: 11,379 lbs.

Sleep: 2-8

Specialties: Ample storage space

Starting price: $72,900

The Forest River Cardinal Series is one of the longest-running fifth-wheel motorhomes in the industry. This model recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, winning RVPro Best in Show in 2019. So, it's clear that Forest River has some things up its sleeve.

Space for storage is one of those things. The Z-frame Cardinal walk-through storage provides excellent storage capacity for whatever equipment you need. This feature makes it a fantastic option for those who like extending their camping experiences with additional outdoor activities.

The kitchen in this luxury caravan also has storage space with plenty of built-in soft-close cupboards. This thoughtful storage comes with some other unique features. One of the review team's favorite items is the bookcase that hides behind the flip-up entertainment system. This offers even more storage space, and it's also very cool.


Because of its stringent inspection methods and high overall quality, Grand Design has often been considered the most outstanding recreational vehicle brand (RVs). The company's Solitude brand of recreational vehicles is rated as the top 5th wheel RVs, making it the clear winner in this category. The high-end Solitude range of recreational vehicles is created with full-time RVing.

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