What Is The Average Cost Of Insurance On A Class C Motorhome?

Insurance is required in almost every state, and motorhomes such as Class A, Class C, and van conversions fall into the same category. It’s not the same coverage for a car and an RV, but if you have a mobile RV and auto insurance is required in your state, insurance will also be required for your RV.

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Many types of insurance cover the casual weekend RVer to the full-time traveler. Everyone’s needs are different. You could have a brand-new Class C RV worth $500,000 or a vintage Class C bus that you’ve chosen to rebuild and restore. The insurance you may get for these two categories of recreational vehicles is significantly different.

What Is The Average Cost Of Insurance On A Class C Motorhome?

What Is The Average Cost Of Insurance On A Class C Motorhome?

The price of RV insurance is not only determined by the policy you choose and any additional features you choose but also by your location. Where you reside, what you want to insure, which insurance company you choose, and a host of other factors may significantly impact the price of recreational vehicle insurance.

When it comes to insurance, different states have different restrictions regarding pricing.

Common Types Of RV Insurance

Common types of insurance that you could (and probably should) purchase for your Class C motorhome include the following. Other insurance categories, such as medical and umbrella cover, may be worth discussing with your insurance agent, but these are the most common.




Personal Effects Replacement Insurance

Roadside Assistance

State Requirements

You are required to obtain these liability coverages if you drive an RV (as opposed to towing it or having it mounted on a vehicle). Nonetheless, you do not need to remember the standards since all insurance underwriters and online insurance estimate applications will be aware of and account for your state’s minimal needs.

The Average Cost Of RV Insurance In 6 States.

Some states, such as Massachusetts and North Carolina, are known for their cheap insurance policies. These two states have some of the lowest rates, with North Carolina at around $860 a year and Massachusetts at around $1,128 a year.

In California, premiums range from $800 for a Class C RV to over $4,000 for a large Class A RV.

Michigan is the most expensive state to insure an RV, with an average premium of $4,490 per year. Most states fall between the extremes, such as Texas at $1,425 per year.

The average cost of RV insurance in Florida is around $3,000 per year, depending on the make and model.

Factors Affecting Your RV Insurance Costs

The type of RV

When you purchase car insurance, the type of car you have helps determine the cost of your coverage. The same goes for RV coverage.

If you have a class C motorhome, your insurance premiums will be much lower than a class A motorhome. Likewise, travel trailer insurance is even cheaper.

The Age & Condition of Your RV

While many think new RVs have higher insurance premiums, this is not always the case. If your RV is in bad shape and the insurance company thinks you’re likely to make a claim on it, this can also increase your premiums. At the same time, if you have an older RV that you’ve taken care of for years, you may be paying less than someone with a newer model.

Your Experience Driving Your Motorhome.

As with car insurance, your driving experience is reflected in your premium. The more driving experience you have with your type of motorhome, the cost of motorhome insurance goes down.

Past Accidents & Traffic Violations

Your driving records show your insurance company how capable you are on the road. If you have a clean driving record, premiums will be lower because your insurance provider believes you are unlikely to make a claim.

How Much You Drive.

The more you drive, the more you will make a claim. This is like factors such as your driving experience and past accidents. The more time your caravan spends on the road, the more likely it is to have a problem.

Your Zip Code

Some states have a higher cost of living than others. If you live in a city with a high cost of living, your insurance rates will also be high.

Discounts For Lower RV Insurance Rates

When checking quotes from different insurance companies, consider any potential discounts. There are many ways discounts can work to give you a very competitive annual premium rate.

New owner 

If you are the original owner of the motorhome, you may qualify for a discount. The original owner of the trailer may be entitled to a discount for taking out compensation/collision coverage.

Good driver 

A big discount may be yours if you have a spotless driving record going back at least three years.


By keeping administration fees to a minimum, insurance companies can pass the savings on to you when premiums are automatically deducted from your account each month.


Online statements and payments save time and money, leading to a discount.


Some insurance companies offer a discount for a healthy and responsible lifestyle. Discounts for non-smokers are something to ask about

RV Insurers

Several insurance companies offer RV insurance in addition to online quotes. Check with insurance companies like Progressive, GMAC, or Geico. Online quote comparison companies like RV America Insurance collect rates from different companies and compile the results into an instant message. Other options may be offered through organized membership clubs such as Good Sam RV Insurance.

Everyone dreams that they would never have to claim on their insurance policy; nevertheless, if you are involved in an accident or are caught in a hailstorm that causes damage, you will be grateful that you have a layer of protection to cover the financial risk that you are exposed to. 

It is challenging to cope with the aftermath of an accident or any damage to your rig; it would be much more heartbreaking if you also faced the responsibility of complete financial loss. 


Now you may have an idea about what is the average cost of insurance on A class C motorhome. Whether you are on a short journey or a lengthy holiday, be assured that you are covered wherever you call home. Everywhere you go, this defense is there for you.

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